Friday, October 18, 2013


Are you considering it?  I have never regretted it, although at times I have been tired.  I have really pulled back toward a more "unschooling" type of schooling and we love it.  We read, play, write and do some math.  We do NOT do "public" school at home.  I enjoy spending all day with my children, I really do!  We do make lots of messes and it isn't perfect (we are all sinners) but I believe it is the way that things should be for us.  Here is a good site for those considering homeschooling High School:



  1. Thanks so much for mentioning LHSHS on your blog!! We love having A New Creation on our blogroll!!

  2. I came to you blog via the Let's Homeschool High School Blog Roll. I'm just beginning high school with my only child. I absolutely admire your ability to unschool. I just need a bit more control than that, though I did loosen up a bit and let her skip most of 8th grade at her request. Have a great week!

  3. Hi Robin,
    I miss checking in on you more often. Sounds like school is going well. Hope you can share some details into your days (*smile*). Hope you have a beautiful Christmas season!
    blesssings, Sheri