Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Black Hills 2012

The Black Hills, SD is one of our favorite vacation destinations.  We haven't been this way since 2003 and decided we were overdue.  We also decided that we would tent camp, which we haven't done in awhile.  All in all it was a great trip!  We had thunderstorm scares every night, but made it through without having to abandon our tents.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Summer has hit *full force* with temps in the upper 90's.  We are loving our pool!!!  We recently celebrated 3 birthdays... Thomas turned 6 on June 26th, Colton turned 20 on July 2nd and Baby David will turn 1 on July 18th (we celebrated early).  We've had fun outside, trying to keep everything watered and playing with the chickens and llamas, too. We made it through a very hectic VBS week and went to Adventureland in Des Moines on a 100 degree day.  We also had fun hiking in the Loess Hills.  July 4th was a blast because our house is right across from the football field where they light the fireworks...as a result, we had a crowd that night.  Here are some recent pictures of our summer fun: