Saturday, November 10, 2012

November is upon us!!  One of the wacky things about Iowa (which I still find hard to get used to--even after living here for 18 years) is the quick changes in weather.  Today was 75 degrees!!  It was amazing and we had a great time playing outside.  Tomorrow is supposed to be 33 degrees with strong winds.   This kind of thing never happened in Texas or least not to that extreme.

Colton is home for a quick visit.  All is good with him, classes are going well.  He brought 2 friends home with him and we've been cooking up a storm.  Colton enjoys being back in the kitchen again.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving and a visit from my sister (and family--hubby & 4 kids) and my mom & stepdad.  We haven't all been together since Thanksgiving 2009!!!