Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Where's Spring?

It has been so cold lately.  We are even supposed to get a wintry mix tomorrow.  I am hoping that my apple trees won't get ruined, like they did last apples:(  We are planning a bigger garden this year and have 2 plots staked out.   Right now we are getting ready for our annual Home School Presentation Fair.  The kids have to stand up and present a report.  The topic this year is Founding Fathers.  Next is VBS, which will be in June.  I am directing the drama again, so we are beginning practice already.  We are using Answers in Genesis VBS again which is always top rate!  We have so much fun with it, but it is tons of work to get ready.

Schooling is going slow!   This time of year it is hard to be motivated!  Julia did take her ACT, she was happy to get that out of the way.

Colton will be finishing up his sophomore year and coming home in a month.  He will hit the job search hard, he would really like to go back in the Fall.  Carlina is still deciding what route she wants to pursue, whether more online college or go down to KC with Colton.

Garrett & Thomas had cavities fixed today, not fun.  Thomas is going to the orthodontist on Friday to see if anything needs to be done about overcrowding.