Saturday, June 28, 2014

I'm here

Our family suffered a tragic, major set-back in March.  3 months later we are doing better.  Taking life one day at a time.  Knowing God is sovereign and loves us so much...clinging to Him. I am not at liberty to give more details right now, but hope to post about it in the future.

 We have been occupied with VBS.   Our church has used the Answers In Genesis curriculum for the past six years and we love it.  It features a live drama and I have directed this for the past 3 years.  This year was a spy theme and 3 of the girls acted in it.  Fun!   We also celebrated Thomas's 8th birthday on June 26th.  Otherwise the garden "monster" stalks me daily, wanting to be weeded and tended..the nerve!  Mowing is a major summer activity here as we mow our acreage, 2 church properties, MIL's yard and Pastor's yard.  That is practically a full-time occupation.  The 4 older kids are working various hours, which makes for complicated schedules.  I now have 3 high school graduates! Julia graduated from HS and we had a celebration for her on June 7th.  She is not planning on going to college right away.  Carlina went for a year to college and is also planning on staying home next I will have 8 of the nine home.  Colton is going back to college to finish his senior year in August.  Garret t just returned from a week at summer camp and we hope to take a small family trip over the 4th.