Thursday, October 25, 2012

15 months..

My little guy is keeping his 43 year old mother on her toes!!!!  He is so curious and active and wants to do exactly what his older siblings are doing.  He is not happy to be playing on the floor when they are doing school...he wants to be at the table scribbling on a page of work.  He is not happy with a blank page..he wants his page to look exactly like theirs....

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October update!!!

October has been a gorgeous month with temperate weather and pretty, colorful leaves.  We seem to have had a hard time shaking various illnesses this month..mainly colds and sore throats.  We have also celebrated 2 birthdays this month.  Anna turned 4 and Julia turned 17!  School, Awana and Church activities have kept us very busy.  Now, all the leaves have gone and the weather is getting ready to make a change.  We are looking toward November and the excitement of family coming to visit.
My 2 birthday girls: